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72 Music Scales


This book is a real treasure of scales & harmony. Full of surprises, this is a rare guide for composers, improvisers and tutors. With its232 pages of illustrations, 262 pages of music notation and Guitar TAB, and simple logics and illustrations, this book of reference should never be missed by anyone.


This book brings out the master guitar player in you.



3000+ Motives and Harmonic Deviations


Basic triads and chords of the scale are included in this book with exemptions. Ragas are arranged in alphabetic order under each relative scale and section. Variations of some Ragas are included. Pentatonic and hexatonic versions are separately detailed in addition. Music notation, supporting chords and *modified Indian solfeggio are displayed on each motif. Alternative chord choices could be taken from the list of chords available in each scale. Too much elaboration on harmony is avoided leaving that part to the experts.